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Some activities of the last years

Since more than thirty years we work for :

India - a dream full of exoticism or a horror vision of skinny people, plague and violence? None of these pictures does justice to real India. For thousands of Indians who live in and around Frankfurt the permanent confrontation with unrealistic and bizarre ideas of their country of origin is a painful experience. Giving the opportunity of getting in touch with culture and history of the Indian subcontinent and contributing to a better understanding between Germans and Indians - this was the basic idea for the foundation of the Indian culture institute in 1985.

Initiator was Dr. Indu Prakash Pandey. He taught Hindi at the University of Frankfurt at that time and was active in the IAF, association of binational families and partnerships, for a long time. With support of the IAF, particularly its then national managing director Rosi Wolf-Almanasreh, the Indian Cultural Institute was raised in fall 1985. The Hindi writer Satyanand Hiranand Vatsyayan ("Ajneya"), deceased in the meantime, carried out the opening on October 14th.


Heidemarie and Indu Prakash Pandey


Courses and cultural events

Courses are the "backbone" of the Indian Cultural Institute. Lessons are given in Indian languages, classical Indian music, classical Indian dance and Indian cooking. The courses are taken both by Indians and by Germans as well as participants of other nationalities. The minimum number of participants is to three persons; however, the Indian Cultural Institute on request tries also to organize individual lessons.
In the field of languages the Indian Cultural Institute is recognized as authorized examiner at Rashtra Bhasha Prachar Samiti, Wardha, for Hindi and at the Bharatiya Bangla Parishad, Bombay, for Bengali.

Lectures, seminars, workshops and other cultural events, are another important field of work. They make possible the discussion with certain topics and the meeting with cultural forms of expression without having to commit themselves in the long run, like visiting a course. The program of the Indian cultural institute, which mostly has a main topic, appears twice a year. In the summer programme 1995 this was "Yoga and Ayurveda", in winter 1995/96 events for the main topic "Indians in Germany".


Further activities

The Indian Cultural Institute is frequently taken up as an information source e.g. for planned journeys to India or for examination works. The institute has repeatedly supported the publication of books from or about India. Some study visits to India were also carried out. The institute organized a Hindi intensive course in Haridwar (India) from October 2nd to 20th, 1995.

Well proved is the cooperation with other organizers, e.g. the Volkshochschule. Also schools take up the Indian Cultural Institute occasionally, e.g. if it is about information about hinduism. Literature on Indian women and on Gandhi can particularly be found in the library with several hundred volumes.


A new beginning in the "Zentrum am BŁgel"

In February 1995 the Indian Cultural Institute moved to the new "Zentrum am BŁgel". A new phase of its work has started.

From the very beginning the Indian Cultural Institute financed its activities by course fees, admissions and donations. Repeatedly, its cultural events were also supported by the office for multicultural affairs of the city of Frankfurt. The Indian Cultural Institute has no full-time employees; it has got it by on low means due to the involvement of all involved despite its various activities within the last ten years. Further makeup was the foundation of the institute in August 1998 as an independent organization after the Pandeys retired from the management of the institute for reasons of age.


Some activities of the last years

The Indian cultural institute takes for its activity the former in the context of the IAF association binationaler families and partnerships. The well-known Hindi author Shri S.H. Vatsyayan ("Ajneya") carries out the solemn opening in the Mainzer Landstr. 147.

Oct. 1986
Gandhi exhibition on the occasion of the bookfair 1986 the main emphasis "India"

Fall 1987
publication of the novel translation "The Spotted Cobra" of Mridula Garg

Focus: "The Indian family"

Fall 19989
Publication of the novel translation "Anaro" and events with the author Manjul Bhagat

Focus: "Religion and society in India"

Summer 1990
Focus: "Nature and culture"

Focus: "Gods, ghosts and demons: Peoples religions in India "

Summer 1991:
Focus: "India where to go?- the current conflicts and ways to their solution "

Focus: "The impact of Mahatma Gandhi in east and the west"

Summer 1992
Focus": "Women in India"

May 92
Shifting to the "ecological house" at the Westbahnhof. At the opening Christine Kreh Laino and Eduardo Laino are dancing Odissi.

Focus: Economical and political "change" in India

Focus: "India and the west"

16. 3.1994
"The song of the bamboo flute", Bansuri concert with G.S. Sachdev

"Dusk in the Temple", Odissi evening with Ch. Kreh-Laino, Eduardo Laino and students

Function for the 125th birthday of M. K. Gandhi

5. 2.1995
Shifting to "Zentrum am BŁgel"

Summer 1995
Focus: "Yoga and Ayurveda"

1997/98 04.-07.12.
Visions of Indian Identity 1947 - 1997:
Cinematographic views of India "Multiculturalism"
Symposion in the municipal cinema Frankfurt in cooperation with the Hessian foundation for peace and conflict studies.

29. 08 1998
Foundation of the institute as an independent organization.

Reading of the Indian Anant Kumar, studying germanistics in Kassel, of his works "alien woman - alien man" and "Kasseler Texte", about the situation of foreigners living in Germany.

Film "After the Gold" (Karnataka) 1997
More than a century ago mining for gold started in south Indian Kolar near Bangalore. Up to 36,000 miners worked under highly dangerous conditions in the mines.

Lecture of the archeologist Dr. Paul Yule, teaching in Heidelberg at the institute for pre- and early history, on the prehistory of northern India.

07. 08.1999
Celebration on the occasion of the 75th birthday of the institute founder Dr. I. P. Pandey

27. 11.1999
Goethe and India?
Lecture and reading from Shakuntala of Kalidasa with Dr. Brigitte Schulze and the actor Peter Lehmann

Lecture on the contemporary Indian theater by Habib Tanvir

15. 10.2000
Celebration on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the institute.
Presentation of the Indian Cultural Institute with information and sitar concert with Subroto Roy Chowdhury, Sitar, and Saibal Chatterjee, Tabla.

In cooperation with the Volkshochschule, in context with the lecture series: In Search for God, Communication between the World Religions.

15. 10.2005
Celebration on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the institute.

... and additionally: many other lectures, concerts, dance programs, seminars, workshops, cooperations with other organizers.


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